Village Events - 2018

Wednesday (Aug 22) through
Saturday (Aug 25)
Early Arrivals build Spanky's Village

Saturday Night
10pm - who cares?
The Erection Party
All those who helped erect Spanky's will host a city-wide celebration.  All
early arrival builders of Black Rock City are invited.... Please be erect.

Sunday (Aug 26)
The gates to Burning Man open at 12:01am

Mandatory Camp-Wide Meeting
Under the Big Ass Shade Structure
This is "the big meeting".  This is when Admiral Painjoy welcomes you all to the camp
and explains how everything works.  You will also meet all the key SWB personnel.  You
will also get training on the toy, ride, service, of your choice after the meeting.  Bring a
chair and a cocktail... this will take a while ;)


Circus Porkus - A Three Hour Tour
Join Admiral Painjoy for a Themed Art Tour of Bman aboard Boss Hogg (and other art
cars).  You must be dressed in circus attire to attend!  (Silly Clown, Evil Clown, Lion
Tamer, Lion, Tiger, Bear, Trapeze Artist, etc).  We will be pumping out APJs Circus music
and Porcine music during the tour.  Sunset departure.


Memorial Service for Mayor Joey

Some of our fondest memories of Joe Pettegrew were from the morning "coffee
klatches" in our camps at Burning Man.  We'd all sit around and tell our tales, tell our
jokes, and listen to Joey go on-and-on about all manner of subjects.  So we've decided to
make Joey's memorial service a coffee klatch.  

All of Joey's friends are invited to join us at Spanky's Wine Bar (8:00 & Cylon) on Tuesday
morning to share their stories of our friend, and playa-legend.   We'll be serving coffee,
cocktails, and snacks.  There will be interludes of light music and commentary by
Admiral Painjoy.  And we will finish with a procession to the Temple, when we can all
leave our mementos/missives at the base of the structure.

Rest in Peace Mayor Joey.

Hit Man's Ice Cream Social!
All ages - bar/kink closed

9pm - 2am
The annual Electro-Swing Soiree
Join DJ Lazer for the 5th annual ESS party

The Bear/Snake/Eagle Game
Kinda like rock/paper/scissors, but frickin' hilarious
Hosted by The Seattle Crew

9pm - 2am
Spank dat Bootie
Adrian & The Bootie DJs host "The Greatest
Mashup Party in the World" at Spanky's Wine Bar!



Begin Camp Breakdown
Begin Loading Trucks
Break Down Personal Camps

The Last Supper
SWB pot-luck dinner.  Bring your remaining edible dishes (a couple hour
before-hand) to Eve's kitchen for one last fabulous meal with your fellow

The Wine-Down Party
Chicken Music - Elvis Music - Fire Jump-rope

The Final Load-Up of the Trucks

Move personal RVs and Vehicles off of the
SWB campsite

Final MOOP Sweeps

Any Spankers remaining on the Playa will put finishing touches on Spanky's
Village MOOPing

Prior to departing the playa, the last people in the Village will take detailed
videos of the surface of the playa, everywhere within our former real estate.

Recurring Events
Morning Train

When you hear the song... GET UP AND GET OUT of your tent, or RV, or coma
and DANCE with us...
then you may go back to bed

(Morning Painjoy Radio)
10am-ish - noon-ish
Most mornings, Admiral Painjoy will be hosting MPR.  A radio variety show
featuring music, games, phoney commercials, interviews, skits and guest
performers.  The show starts with light, eclectic music and, of course, goes
downhill from there.

Hello Camp
Bored?  Lonely?  Want to meet new and interesting burners?
Want to strip them of their given names and replace them with dirty names?
Hello Camp will be making it's 20th appearance on the playa this year.  There is no
set time or day to give out name badges... just go to the bar and ask the bar staff
for a few sheets of name badges and a quick lesson on how to attack... errr...
approach people, and you're on your way to having some superhappyfuncool
Spanky's Wine Bar
                        "Spanky's Wine Bar... Making the playa child-friendly since 2008"