Spanky's Wine Bar - 10 Year Anniversary  
"Build a fire for a man, he will be warm for a night... Set a man on fire, he will be warm for the rest of his life"
The History of Soss Boss and The PlayaQ-

Last year, I (we) lost a good friend.  Alex Steneck (aka Soss Boss) passed away.  Those of you who have been with
Spanky's from the beginning (or were with us back in the days of the conGLOMerate village) probably remember Soss
Boss and the PlayaQ.  The PlayaQ started out as our camp "kitchen/restaurant" back in 2003, in "The Glom".  Then it
grew into a camp of it's own.  The PlayaQ became a bit of a legend at Burning Man.  We are re-creating the PlayaQ this
year, in Spanky's, as an homage to our lost friend... and we are calling it

The PlayaQ had 3 main components, all of which, we will be doing again in 2017 – under the leadership of “The Sheik"
(aka Big Rick) who was one of Alex’s close friends, and co-founder of the PlayaQ.  Soss & The Sheik recruited a few top-
managers (also Alex's close friends - all of whom are returning for Final-Q) to create these 3 components...

1-      The
“Rock Star Dinner” is a VIP, invite-only, gourmet, 7-course, themed dinner.  It is a sit-down meal, served by
costumed or black tie wait-staff.  There are performances, art, and music during the event.  There are concubines (and
“concubones”) who offer massage, foot-rubs/foot-baths to the guests.  And a professional sommelier provides fine wines.  
The Rock Star Dinner is produced/managed by Reverend Smoke (aka Bryan) and Chef Pimp (aka Evan).  The Rev is a
BBQ artist/scientist who regularly competes in BBQ challenges around the country.  And he wins them often!  Chef Pimp is
an executive chef from the SF Bay Area...he used to be a chef for celebrities such as Modonna, Bob Dylan, and The
Grateful Dead, when they toured.  This year, The Rev and Chef Pimp will be doing one final Rock Star Dinner, themed to
celebrate the life of Soss Boss.  The Rock Star Dinners rivaled meals you would get at a "Michelin Star" rated restaurant…
and we do it on the playa!

This year, the theme for the Rock Star Dinner is
"The Restaurant at the End of the Universe" (ala Douglas Adams).  
This theme is a nod to one of Soss Boss's unfulfilled dreams of creating a crazy gourmet restaurant at Bman, way out in
deep-playa.  The Rock Star Dinner will happen on
Friday evening this year, followed by a procession out to The Temple.  
We will need a big team of Spankers to help staff this event.  It is not open to the public or to Spankers... it is a gift to
certain VIPs and Friends of Soss Boss... invite only.

2-      The
“Chapel of Smoke”, which is a gourmet BBQ food giveaway with music.  This event is for anyone and
everyone... including all Spankers!  Burners were always lined-up around the block for this amazing buffet of
Bacchanalia.  The Chapel of Smoke is run by Reverend Smoke (aka Bryan).  The Chapel of Smoke will happen on
Saturday (burn day)... followed by the burning of the big "Q" on open playa.

3-      The
“Carne Armada”, is run by (yours truly) Admiral Painjoy and Chef Pimp.  The Carne Armada is a top-secret
“attack” on another (well deserving) camp/group at Burningman.  The camp/group doesn't know that the “attack” is coming
(except for one spy/confidant that I pre-arranged, who helps me coordinate and ensure that all are present at the
prescribed time).  We descend-upon the “victim’s” camp in our ships (art cars) with Flight of the Valkyries blasting.  I  
announce over our PA system, as we approached, that they were under attack from the Carne Armada.  And we proceed
to throw an amazing party for the victims.  We lavish them with gourmet food, wine/champagne/shots, masseuses, music,
performers, dancers, etc.  And after 30 minutes of pampering and entertainment, we (almost instantly) pack-up and vanish
into the open playa… as quickly and mysteriously as we showed up, leaving no trace that we were ever there.  Leaving
the camp/group reeling in satiated pleasure, and wondering “did that just happen?!”  

The DPW, Media Mecca, Flaming Lotus Girls, BRC Rangers, and Kamp Katrina are just some of the camps/groups that
we have “attacked” in the past.  We have already selected the camp/group that will be attacked this year… but it shall
remain TOP SECRET until the moment it occurs.  The Carne Armada is scheduled to happen late
Thursday afternoon.