Quick Checklist
> Read the Info on this Website
> Sign Up
> Email a pic for your camp namebadge to:  jimhillas_gc@yahoo.com
> Pay your Camp Dues

> Attend "work/party" weekends if you can (see Skunkworks page).  This is expected if
you live in the western US
> Come prepared (see Packing List page)
> Leave your drama at home
> Follow Spanky's rules of Kink... and CONSENT!
> Bring all the food & water you will need for the week
> Bring your own personal booze (we don't mind you getting an occasional drink from
Spanky's bar, but the bar booze is primarily meant to be one of our gifts to the other citizens
of Black Rock City)
> Help with the camp, events and attractions while on the playa!
> Take care of yourself on the playa (drink lots of water, don't party too much, remember
to eat, get enough sleep, etc)
> Sunday (at the end of the event) help break down the camp and clean up
> Help unload, clean and store our equipment in Sacramento after the event if you can

There is no "meal plan" in Spanky's.  Too many drawbacks; 1-lots of work  2-you can only
eat whatever is on the menu  3-you have to eat when we say  4- lots of wasted food

But... we do have an appetizer program (and with as many people as we have in camp,
there always seems to be food at the bar or being passed around somewhere in camp.

So everyone is required to make one appetizer at some point during the week, roughly
enough to serve 20+ Spankers (appys are not for the general public)

The appetizer can be hot or cold, elaborate or simple, but please don't flake.
You will need to select a day and time of day you will bring your appy to the bar, or pass
around camp (for example:  Wednesday - Night).  That way we will not have all the food
served at the same time.

If you are serving your appy early in the week, you can use fresh foods more easily as
they will not yet had a chance to
spoil if you take good care with your coolers.

If you are serving your appy later in the week, remember, you need to use ingredients that
will stay fresh (canned or dry goods).  In other words, don't try to serve shrimp cocktail on
Friday unless you brought a freezer with you!
In other, other words... don't poison your campmates!

And Remember... There is no village kitchen at Spanky's.  You need to make your appy
with your personal (or group's) cooking equipment.  However, there are always some
Spankers that don't mind letting you use there camp-kitchen equiment...as long as you
clean-up immediately after!

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Every year, many Spankers ask about their personal RV (or tent) placement in
the village.  Everyone wants to camp right next to their friends.  I can’t guarantee
that.  The best way to make that happen is to arrive on the playa at the same
time they do.  But there’s more… sometimes we need to place people (especially
RVs) in strategic locations based on many factors.  

Not only are there logistical reasons for strategic RV and tent placement, (such as; arrival
times, wind breaks, sound dampeners, defining camp boundaries, ease of servicing the
RV, etc.) there are also social aspects to consider.   (And don't worry... this may sound
rigid at first but it gets more flexible at the end…
just like me!)

As a 20 year Burner, and grizzly old veteran of leading camps and villages I have noticed
a few sociological patterns.   In general:   
1- people are lazy     
2- people are shy     
3- people are apt to form cliques
4- the British monarchy breeds retards

Part of my job as village leader is to break people free of these sociological quirks.  I
make efforts to have everyone socialize.

Here's how it usually goes down without any of my external influence:
When friends camp right next to each other, they tend to arrange their tents/RVs in a
circle or U shape or some other configuration that appears (to outsiders) to be exclusive.  
They don't do this on purpose... it's just human nature to want to create a nice semi-
private space to share with your closest friends.  It's also human nature to want to be
near to your friends... those with whom you are comfortable... those with whom you have
a history.

But, when this happens, the following also tends to happen too...
People wake up in the morning and step out of their tent/rv into their comfortable little
circle of friends.  They have coffee, breakfast, whatever... they bullshit with their friends,
plan the day, nap, go on an excursion with those same friends, come back to their circle,
tell stories, jokes, have cocktails and so on.  Next thing ya know, days have gone by and
these people have hardly come out of their little circle of friends.

By discouraging these camping cliques, it forces people to leave the safety of their own
tent/rv area and wander over to Spanky's center camp to meet their friends (and the rest
of the Spankers) at the bar/lounge area under the Big Ass Shade Structure (which is the
size of a small house).  
This simple act works like a social catalyst.  People are now placed in a situation where
they more easily overcome their shyness and/or laziness.  They meet people, they begin
to form new friendships, they feel like they are part of something bigger.... and they are.

And the best part... all that fun bullshitting, planning, the stories, the jokes, drinks, food,
etc. are shared.  And don't forget the MPR show (Moring Painjoy Radio).  I love a big

Also, whenever Spanky's bar/shade area is "hopping" with lotsa people, fun conversation,
laughter, good music, drinking, eating, etc.... it attracts "customers" to the bar.  This
brings more new potential friends into the mix.  More fun, more spankings, more sexy,
more party, more Burning Man!

And... when these little cliques form (or camping families, as I call them) They tend to
slowly grow over the years.  Then they start breeding amongst themselves.  And after
twenty or forty years... I'm the leader of a village full of inbred fucktards ;)  (I'll bet you
were wondering how I was gunna tie the British monarchy into this, huh?)

OK, now here comes the flexible part...  With all that other stuff being said, I do
understand the need to spend time with your closest friends... the need to have intimate or
private time with them.  So I will do my best to keep you and your friends close to one
another.  We will have a camp map drawn up shortly after we get our placement in early
July.  At that time, we can work out details and bat around RV and tent placement ideas.

It's not often that we are totally serious about anything… but we are serious about this...

Spanky’s Wine Bar is a camp that is overtly sexual in nature.  We have a bondage wall, a
spanking machine an orgasm machine and other fun toys.  Our camp goal is to provide
FUN to our customers (and to ourselves as well).  But the key word is “consent”.  
Our camp, by it’s very nature, walks a razor’s edge.
We all need to make sure that the vibe at SWB remains positive at all times.

We have a group of kinksters in camp called The M.O.D. Squad.  MOD stands for
Mistress (or Master) on Duty.  These are Spankers who can answer questions about sexy
fun in camp.  Most are trained in the ways of BDSM/kink.  They are usually hanging
around the bondage tent.... lookin' all sexy ;)

Everyone burn the phrase “SAFE, SANE AND CONSENTUAL” into your brains.  We
always ask permission and silence is not consent.

If I see anyone forcing or aggressively coercing others into participating in any of our
events, games or using our toys, I will not tolerate it.  This could be grounds for ejection
from the camp.  This goes for the Dirty-Dare-Dice game at the bar too!  We
ask/encourage customers to roll the dice for a drink, but it is not mandatory... they can
have a drink without rolling the dice.

This also goes for persistent “COG and COUG” behavior.  COG stands for “creepy old
guy”.  COUG is short for “cougar”. There is no age minimum for this behavior… and
everyone has the potential for acting this way (given the right circumstances and a bit too
much to drink)… even yours truly!

So we need to “police” each other’s behavior.  And we need to be accepting of our
campmate's advice if they tap us on the shoulder and politely let us know if we are acting

Remember… No means NO!
Silence means NO!
Intoxicated means NO!
Under 18 means NO!  (and under 21 means they can't be at the Bar)
But… Yes means YES... yay!

And when getting consent, make sure their partner (friend, g/f, b/f, wife, husband, etc) is
giving consent also... if that partner is present.

Here’s a few examples of what I’m talking about:

Dancing naked on the bar/stages is not only allowed… it’s encouraged.  But copping a
feel without permission or lewd comments are not allowed.  We want dancers be able to
have fun up there and feel safe.

While working the bondage wall… yanking a bound person’s pants down… un-cool.   
Whispering “are you OK with nudity” and getting a “yes” prior to doing that… okee dokee!

Constantly ogling people with a zombie-like look on your face… bad.   
Walking up to people with a smile and saying, “Hi, I’m so-and-so.  Welcome to Spanky’s.  
Let me know if I can get you anything, or give you a tour, or discuss with you ways to
participate”… good

Immediately diving into a conversation about sex, clothing/appearance, physical attributes,
kink/fetish... lame
Chatting and getting to know the person a bit first... good

Our camp is about fun, fetish and fantasy (and wine!).  And Bman is a great venue for
exploring these things.  If there is some kind of sexy performance you want to do and you’
re unsure if it’s cool… just run it by a member of the SWB M.O.D. Squad first.  I’m sure
we can find a way to make it happen, if it's within reason.


~Admiral Painjoy~
Spanky's Wine Bar
“Live every day as if it''s your last... but wear a condom, just in case it isn't"