The Showers
Spanky's does have camp showers... and they're pretty damn good.

Our camp shower system keeps improving each year.  But, rumors of
beautiful sexy "shower assistants" are not true ;)  Please bring your own
water for your showers (and your own
sexy assistant).  People average
2-5 gallons per shower.  Instructions are posted at the shower.  
Keep the shower area clean.
.. bring ALL your stuff back to your camp
when finished.

Grey water
from our showers is collected in large "kiddie pools" under
the shower deck
s.  The pools are emptied daily by United Site Services
(same folks that pump our RVs)

Generators and Personal Power Use
We will be renting two HUGE, extra-quiet generators this year (also
known as the BFGs... Big F**kin Gennies) .   Also, Admiral Painjoy will
have his 5kw gennie with him as a back up (for emergency bar use only
in the event the main gennie
s fail)

Village members are allowed to take advantage of the power to a
reasonable degree.  You can plug in lights, small appliances, radios,
chargers, fans, etc. - Even your RV (with certain restrictions)

Power Grid and RVs
With the ever-increasing size of Spanky's, we can't provide power to an
unlimited number of RVs (nor can I help out my friends).  But the village
does have a "power grid".  Everybody in the village should be no further
than 100 feet away from a power drop (quad box).  Bring your own
extension cords and splitters if you want power for your personal use.  If
you are plugging in an RV, you need a 10 gauge (or lower/thicker)
extension cord (and in some cases, an adaptor).

If you are planning on plugging in your RV, please note the following...  
You should not plug more than one RV into a circuit (unless you
coordinate your power usage with the other RV-people on that circuit).  
There are two circuits on each quad outlet box.  Each circuit is 20 amps.

You should not run your AC along with your microwave (or anything
else that draws a lot of power), because this will probably trip the circuit
breakers.  In order to use your A/C or microwave... it's best to use your
on-board gennie if you have one!  The big RV rental companies usually
charge around $1-3/hr for gennie use which runs off your gas tank (so
be sure to fill up before you get to Bman).  If you don't know whether
you have an "automatic transfer switch" for the power, just unplug from
the grid when you use your on-board gennie.

If you absolutely MUST have dedicated power for your RV, we may be
able to accommodate you, but we have to charge and extra fee.  For
details/pricing, email Major-D at:

WARNING: Do not touch the generator or service panels in Spanky's...
find the camp electricians if you need assistance.

The Bar and Bar Supplies
It takes a lot to run a bar on the playa!  Ice, sound system, lighting,
rags, cleaning supplies, paper towels, cups, cups, more cups, coolers,
trash cans, trash bags, game supplies, bar stools, sofas, tables, and so
on.  Especially when you are serving 10s of thousands of patrons!

Lighting and Sound
One of our biggest needs in past years has been quality sound and
lighting.  We are making great efforts to fulfill these needs this year.  

Building Supplies and Maintenance
Every year, things need to be built and/or maintained.  The desert is not
a forgiving
environment... it eats everything.

Administrative Costs
While your Admiral is a nice and generous guy, who doesn't mind
donating upwards of 1000 hours of his time into creating the village, he
is not wealthy (unless you count his friendships with all of you!).  Costs
such as website fees, transportation, office supplies, paypal fees,
welcome packs, etc are all part of your camp dues.

We will be renting two of the biggest rental/moving trucks available to
haul all the SWB stuff to and from the playa this year.  

LNT, Trash and Disposal
At the end of the event, there is a ton (no make that tons!) of trash that
needs to be properly disposed of.  Each member of the village is ask
to take bags of trash out of Bman and properly dispose of it.  We do it
this way, primarily due to space restrictions.  Trash always takes up
more space after the event than the original products took up when we
brought them to the playa... roughly three times as much space!  It is
much easier and cheaper when we spread the burden over the

But, this doesn't account for large items like carpets, sofas, tables,
structures, etc. that may need to be disposed of after the event.  
 Spanky's Wine Bar - 10 Year Anniversary  
          “Come in... Relax... Take off your pants, and jacket"
Village Infrastructure