The Showers
Spanky's does have camp showers... and they're pretty damn good.

Our camp shower system keeps improving each year.  But, rumors of
beautiful sexy "shower assistants" are not true ;)  Please bring your own
water for your showers (and your own sexy assistant).  People average
around 2-5 gallons per shower.  Instructions are posted at the shower.  
Keep the shower area clean... bring ALL your stuff back to your camp
when finished.

Grey water from our showers is collected in large "
kiddie pools" under
the shower decks.  The pools are emptied daily by United Site Services
(same folks that pump our RVs).

(not really infrastructure, but worth mentioning because they require infrastructure)...

To RV or not to RV... that is the question.  RVs are becoming more and
more popular at Bman (sigh).  Some people truly need them though; for
medical reasons, or because they're elderly, or they have babies, etc.  
Some people just want them because they want the luxury.

Here are some things to consider;
1- RVs are expensive... very expensive (to rent or to buy)
2- RVs need pump-outs of grey water, refills of potable water, and th
ey usually need power.  That's expensive too
(more info below)
3- Fresh water can run out fast if you're not careful...and grey water
holding tanks fill up just as fast!
4- Keeping dust out of your RV is impossible
5- Rented RVs usually need to be cleaned after the event.  This is
extremely time consuming and/or expensive
6- If you are sharing the RV with others, you don't have much in the way
of privacy
7- RVs promote partying too late, and sleeping too late (lame).  They
also promote "overpartying" because you feel like you have a place to
comfortably nurse your hangover (also lame)
8- RVs promote "hanging out" in the RV, and not hanging out with all
your friends at Spanky's... or spending more time exploring the magic of
Burning Man.
9- If you're not experienced, RVs can be difficult to drive

10- If you don't own an RV, you need to reserve/rent your Bman RV very
early in the year.  They sell out quick.

Check out the RV Tips section of this website for more info
Also, see "RV Services" below for more info

Spanky's has a power grid.  The main purpose of this grid
has always
to power the village's front-yard attractions and infrastructure.  But
we do have some power to spare, so
there is also power distributed
throughout the village (cables with quad
-box outlets, placed throughout
the camping areas).  This is for limited power use, and it's included in
your camp dues.  But the camping-area-grid can'
t handle heavy power
(like air conditioners).  However, the grid is great for things such
as fans,
mini-fridge, lights, chargers, sex toys, etc.

Spanky's can't provide full power to RVs and still charge low ca
mp dues
(nor can I make exceptions for my friends... because you're all my
friends).  Everybody in the village should be no further than
75 feet
away from a power drop (quad box).  Bring your own extension cords
and splitters if you want power for your personal use (write your name
on them).  If you are plugging an RV into the Spanky's grid, you'll
need an extension cord as well as an adapter.

If you want
/need bigger power for your RV, there are two options;

1- Use your on-board gennie if you have one.  The big RV rental
companies usually charge around $1-3/hr for gennie use which runs off
your gas tank (so be sure to fill up before you get to Bman).  Get
instructions from your RV provider.  

2- A "power-cooperative", separate from SWB's grid will be organized thi
s year
(run by Dragger and Blackbird).  This would be in
addition to camp dues (just like grey-water pump-outs and fresh water
refills), and it's a seperate
/independant power grid from the Spanky's
 But this grid can provide sufficient power for your RV's A/C units.  
(more info below)

RV Services
RVs usually require certain services during Bman.  Fresh water refills,
grey-water pumpouts, and power.  These services are available for
purchase at additional costs (above/seperate from camp dues).

We have vendors that provide these services.  The organization and
collection of fees for these are done by Blackbird, Amethyst, and
Dragger (Contact Blackbird at: for more info)

The Bar and Bar Supplies
It takes a lot to run a bar on the playa!  Ice, sound system, lighting, rags,
cleaning supplies, paper towels, cups, cups, more cups, coolers, trash
cans, trash bags, game supplies, bar stools, sofas, tables, and so on.  
Especially when you are serving 10s of thousands of patrons!

Building Supplies and Maintenance
Every year, things need to be built and/or maintained.  The desert is not
a forgiving environment... it eats everything.

Administrative Costs
While your Admiral is a nice and generous guy, who doesn't mind
donating upwards of 1000 hours of his time into creating the village, he
is not wealthy (unless you count his friendships with all of you!).  Costs
such as website fees, transportation, office supplies, paypal fees,
welcome packs, etc are all part of your camp dues.

Every year we need to rent huge box trucks to haul our stuff to and from
Bman.  These also gobble up diesel fuel.  Expensive.

LNT, Trash and Disposal
At the end of the event, there is a ton (no make that tons!) of trash that
needs to be properly disposed of.  Each member of the village is asked
to take bags of trash out of Bman and properly dispose of it.   
Spanky's Wine Bar
                         “Come in... Relax... Take off your pants, and jacket"
Village Infrastructure