Spanky's Wine Bar
                              “It was already on fire when I got here"

(pronounced "knocks non fa-mee-lee-yay")

Roughly translated "a night without family"

Nox Non Familea is a voluntary experiment in
A way to break free of the bounds of your comfort zone...  
A catalyst of new friendships...
A commitment that you make, to yourself...  
A mission.

Here's how it works.

You (or you and your significant other) pick one night at
Burningman to leave your camp and your friends.  On that
night, you seek out a new group.  This group could be
another camp in your village, a camp outside your village,
or even a group of people walking down the Esplanade.

But (this is important) it should be a group that in some way
is slightly different from the burners that you would normally
hang out with.  For example, if you are young, find an older
group... if you are extroverted, find a quiet group... if you are
scientific, find an artistic group... etc

When you have found a group/camp, introduce yourself
and let them know that you are participating in 'Nox Non
Familea' and give them a short explanation.  (Stop by the
bar if you want a flyer that explains Nox Non Familae - you
can show the flyer to your group when you approach
them).  Then ask them if it would be OK if you spent a few
hours hanging out with them tonight.

You could hang out in their camp.  You could go out and
explore the playa with them.  You could help them with their
project.  You could just party with them... whatever.  But
spend the time trying to learn about them (and from them).  
And tell your tale as well.  Experience their vibe.  Try to
embrace their differences.

Some groups might not want to participate, and that's fine.  
If that's the case, just move on to another group.  But I have
a hunch that most burners would welcome you.

And at the end of the night, you will surely have a good
story or two to share with your 'familea'... and perhaps have
some new friends. (maybe even some new perceptions)

Life is short!
Break free of your boundaries!
Meet new people!
Share your life!
Learn from others!
Life is for the living!
Because, after all... "Omnes Una Manet Nox"

~Admiral Painjoy~