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The Paddler
The monthly newsletter for Spanky's Wine Bar
The Paddler
January 2018
The Monthly Newsletter for Spanky’s Wine Bar
(All the news that fits, we print)

In this issue
…which should be read while listening to this Bootie Mashup- “Here Comes the Light”

-        The Admiral’s Rave
-        A Year of Considerable Loss
-        Plans for SWB 2018
-        2018 Burning Man Tickets/Passes (The DGS)
-        The “Spankier Than Thou” game… just for fun
-        LoveBurn! (upcoming event January 26-28)
-        SWB Staph

Looking back on what we did last year, all I can say is, Wow… we “knocked it out of the park”!  Our 10th Anniversary was fantastic.  My
thanks go out to everyone.  

The Devil Lives in the Details:
I specifically want to thank Elisha (Mafesto), who created our beautiful, 10th Anniversary namebadges (as I forgot to mention her
herculean efforts during my opening speech on the playa).  Most of you would be surprised at how much effort goes into the details of
Spanky’s (details like a seemingly-simple namebadge).  Being that a standard work-week is 40 hours, how many hours would you
guess goes into the namebadges?  20?  40?  100?  Nope.  Between the conceptualizing, graphic design work, collection of data and
photos, templating and layout, cross-checking, printing and laminating, trimming, adding clasps, shipping, insertion into welcome packs,
and distribution… the namebadge project for 300ish people takes upwards of 200 man/hours (and this work is done in July/Aug… when
we’re all scrambling to get our shit together for the playa).  So the next time you see Mafesto, give her a hug and a Spanky’s High-Five ;)

And the namebadges are but one small detail that made up the dozens and dozens of memorable details in our village this year.  
Everybody who helped create the best Spanky’s yet should give themselves a big pat-on-the-back.  What started as an idea in my twisted
mind, back in 2007 has evolved into a renowned, beloved Burning Man institution.  Thank you all for making my kinky-dream into a
fantastic reality!

Our SWB events filled the BASS to capacity and kicked ass this past year.  I recall, during Spank-dat-Bootie, it was a wind-less night… but
SWB was a huge dust storm, unto itself, from all the dust that was kicked up from all the dancing!  The Festival of Bubastis was a rager
too.  Did anyone else see that pink-pantied-pervert being forced to do unspeakable things on the center stage?  Wild.

Sadly though, 2016/2017 was also a year of mourning for our village.  Homage was paid to many of our fallen playa-compatriots and
family members.  Most notably, fellow Spanker Mungo, our friend Ranger Bourbon, my Step Dad (SWB accountant), and Alex Steneck
(PlayaQ founder, Soss Boss).  The PlayaQ camp came back together to honor Alex with one final Rock Star Dinner, one final Carne
Armada attack, and massive food give-aways.  Thanks to all who worked on the food, the infrastructure, and those events.   The Bman
Founders and other members of First Camp are still singing the praises of PlayaQ and The Carne Armada!  And personally, I have never
seen the PlayaQ do a better, more elaborate Rock Star Dinner.  All hail the Q!  (and fuck you, Soss Boss ;)  Even in death, you’re still
creating new friendships – and making us work our asses off!)  

And, as most of you saw on FB, we lost our dear friend (and Spanker) Sheri LaFurge last month.  Sheri finally succumb to cancer.  Sheri’s
cousin, Lady Victoria, will be organizing a service for Sheri at The Temple this year.  Our hearts are aching.

Many rumors have been floating about.  I know this because I started quite a few of them ;)
Two camps (Nothing Camp & Spanky’s) is no longer an option… too hard to get enough Bman tix for Nothing Camp.
So here’s the final game-plan for SWB 2018…

Our 10th Anniversary endeavors yielded more than I’d hoped for in 2017, but it was also a technically difficult and physically laborsome
undertaking for most of us.  Most of us were utterly exhausted by the end.  So this year, we will return to our roots.  We are going to scale-
back in 2018.  I’m sure you’ll all agree that we’ve earned a break in 2018.  We need to shrug the yoke of oppressive responsibility this
year.  Therefore, I will be leading a very simple version of Spanky’s this summer (similar to “Spanky’s Mini-Bar” in 2011).

We will request to be a “placed village”, as usual.  We will still have our BASS, our bar, a small sound-system, and a couple of kink toys.  
We will have our existing power grid (not the huge one from last year), one generator (not four), one rental truck (not four), and a shower.  
We will be doing what we do best.  We’ll be an eclectic, fun, kinky bar.  There will be no set “work-shift” schedule.  There will be no
appetizer program.  No camp kitchen/sanctuary.  No DJ booth.  No kink tent.  No Tunnel of Glove.  Early build and break-down/mooping
will be a breeze (compared to recent years).  Camp dues will go down a bit.  Labor requirements will also go down.  And there will be no
senior-management team… just me.

But that is NOT to say that 2018 will be a lazy free-for-all.  We are not “resting on our laurels”… just scaling back.  There WILL still be work
to do.  There will be project leaders (just not senior management).  Spanky’s will still be entertaining, wine-ing, and abusing the masses
;)  We will all still abide the core values of Spanky’s and Burning Man.  And everyone will still need to “sign up” and pay camp dues.

Sub-camps within Spanky’s are still welcomed to be a part of the village.  They can have some limited power, from the grid.  But aside
from that, they will be completely self-sufficient… doing their own set-up, staffing, break-down, and MOOPing.

P.S. – Don’t get complacent this year… I have grandiose plans for SWB2019!  ;)

Burning Man Tickets/Passes go on sale soon.   Every year, some of you screw up in the ticket sales.  I’m not sure if you’re ignorant or
apathetic… frankly, I don’t know and I don’t care ;)
Point is… READ ALL THE INFO!  I’m not bailing people out this year.  Fail to prepare = prepare to fail

1-        You MUST update your Burner Profile (on the Bman website) in order to buy tix in ANY sale.  Do it now, so you don’t forget.  https:
2-        DGS (Directed Group Sale) tickets will probably be available to Spanker’s again this year.  They are reserved for those who are
important to the creation of Spanky’s, running Spanky’s during Bman, breaking-down and MOOPing the village at the end, attending
work/party weekends, etc.
3-        SWB will be applying for DGS tickets/passes (no guarantees that we get them, or how many)
4-        If you want to buy a DGS ticket/pass through Spanky’s, you will need to let me know ASAP… between now and February 12th, via
5-        You can buy up to 2 tickets and 1 car pass in the DGS.  I will be pairing-up those who aren’t paired-up already, as usual, so that
DGS tix don’t go to waste.  If you’re buying 2 tickets, let me know who the 2nd one is for.  Also, let me know if you need a vehicle pass.
6-        Tickets in the DGS (and Main Sale) cost $425.00.  Vehicle passes cost $80.00
7-        You DON’T need to register with Bman for DGS tickets… I (Admiral Painjoy) register you for the DGS with Bman.  (You do need to
register for Bman tix in the Pre Sale and the Main Sale though.)
8-        To get a DGS ticket, you must have already signed up to camp with Spanky’s, on the SWB website:  Go
to the “Sign Up” page.
9-        And priority on DGS tickets goes to those who have already paid Camp Dues

The three other ticket sales that concern us soon are:
1-        The Pre-Sale (Registration is Jan 24-26 – The Sale Date is Jan 31st).  These are the super-expensive tickets that help fund Bman
stuff ($990.00 or $1200.00 each).  If you can afford these… great.  You’re helping Bman and easing the ticket-burden for SWB.
2-        The Main Sale (Registration is March 21 – 23 – The Sale Date is March 28th).  
3-        The Low Income Ticket Program (Registration is Feb 14th – April 16th)
PLEASE READ all the info about Bman ticket sales here:

No need to reply with results.  This is just for fun.  (Taken from the SWB FB page)… LOL
(one point for each “yes” answer)
___  I have camped with SWB for more than 5 years
___  I have attended Juplaya with SWB
___  I know the correct response to, “Your heart may belong to the man….. “
___  I have been a guest at 3 (or more) other Spankers homes, in the default world
___  I have (at least) one piece of Lucky Bastard’s art on my wall at home
___  I have been to work/party weekends at all 3 Skunkworks… Joey’s, Donny’s, AND Liam’s
___  I know eLeM’s real last name AND how to spell it
___  I have ridden the Orgasmator (for males, I have helped build or break-down the Orgasmator)
___  I camped at the conGLOMerate village (the precursor village to SWB)
___  I have helped set up the BASS
___  I have been fondled (or fondled somebody else) at the Groping Booth (or Tunnel of Glove)
___  I have DJ’d at Spanky’s
___  I have been an eyewitness to an APJ orgasm
___  I have administered spankings with the Spank-O-Matic
___  I have ridden the Teeter Totter of Death AND the Chairway to Heaven tower
___  I have helped APJ with SWB paperwork or SWB projects at his house
___  I have been shackled to the bondage wall at SWB
___  I have danced on one of the SWB stages
___  I have been one of the first 12 Spankers on-playa for Early Build
___  I have been one of the last 12 Spankers on-playa for Break-down and MOOPing
___  I have (or have had) an SWB bumper-sticker on my vehicle
___  I have received a compliment (or other positive feedback) from Mayor Joey
___  I have been an SWB driver (drove an SWB truck… or left the playa to run an SWB errand)
___  I have given an honest description of SWB to my default-world biological family
___  I have served as Camp Bitch at SWB
___  I have argued with Major-D
___  I have had sex with a fellow Spanker, and loved it
___  I have had sex with a fellow Spanker, and regretted it
___  I have ridden on (at least) one of SWB’s art cars
___  I have been on an SWB art car when it broke-down on the playa
___  I have participated in a Carne Armada attack
___  I have given somebody a “Spanky’s High-Five”… off-playa
___  I have dog-eared a copy of the What/Where/When guide, to mark SWB events
___  I have had a full-blown “playa meltdown” at SWB
___  I have helped a fellow Spanker get through a “playa meltdown”
___  I have done an ice-run for SWB
___  I have helped to create art-work for SWB (artistic painting, graphic-design, swag, etc.)
___  I own sex toys that I consider “too nice to bring to Spanky’s”
___  There is a picture of me on the internet wearing an SWB medallion/necklace
___  I feel that “butt plug” is an acceptable answer to most questions
___  I have been personally mentioned in an issue of The Paddler
___  My picture (or my art/project) is on the SWB website
___  I know the two foods that APJ doesn’t like
___  I know two of the foods that Lucky Bastard does like
___  I sometimes think of a fellow Spanker when I masturbate
___  More than half of my current friends are Spankers
___  I have more pics of Spankers on my computer (FB included) than my biological family
___  I can recite (at least) 3 of SWB’s mottos from memory
___  I have had a problem solved for me by either Naked Larry, Gunny, or Fergus
___  I know what Painjoy’s title was before he was “Admiral”

Love Burn is the Florida Regional Burning Man Event.  It’s coming up VERY soon, but it’s not too late to get tix and go!  I believe that
Scooter still has some tix available: or you can get them through the LoveBurn website:
Love Burn was created by (and is run by) Spankers Quantum Glen & Prosperity Angel.  It’s held on an island just off Miami.  It’s amazing.  
Myself and other Spankers will be there (but we’re not creating Spanky’s Wine Bar there).  However, Scooter sets up The Buffer Zone
there (this year it will be a full-on spa!)

Admiral Painjoy – HMFIC (head mutha fuckka in charge)
Major D (Doug) – Camp Engineer
eLeM (Lisa Marie) – Kool & Knowledgeable Chickadee
Red Queen (Amanda) – Burning Man Ticket Maven
Master Fucking Amazing (aka Liam) – Lead Builder
Christopher Robbin – LNT Coordinator
Lady Raven (Rachel) & Nima – Bar Managers
DocMoc (Mark) – Healthcare Specialist – Camp MD
Blackbird – RV Services Manager (with Amethyst)
Quantum Glen – BufferZone Manager & Director of Blinky Things
Scooter – BufferZone Manager & SWB Marketing Director

Art Cars:
Boss Hog (the giant warthog) – Major-D
Illuminaughti (disco dancefloor w/ stripper pole) – John M. (Sky)
The Magic Carpet – Twisted
The Paddler
The Monthly Newsletter for
Spanky’s Wine Bar
January 2019

In this issue……which should be read while listening to this interesting new version of “Only You” by Yazoo:

        SWB 2019 GAMEPLAN
        LOVE BURN – MIAMI - JAN 24-27
        SWB STAPH

As Burners/Spankers we get to celebrate the New Year twice… we’re greedy bastards ;)  

(For those who don’t get it… many of us consider “burn night” on the playa as New Years)
Happy (calendar) New Year Spankers!

I was very happy with our camp/village last year.  We did ourselves proud.  And I was actually able to get out of camp a few times… woot!  A
big thank you to everyone who worked hard and made Spanky’s fun and safe for everyone.  I’d like to thank all of you individually, but I’m a
bit drunk right now and I can’t remember any of your names… *hic*

We lightened the load a bit in 2018 (less attractions, less bells and whistles, no workshift schedule, less work, more fun, more free time).  
One of the main reasons for this was… 2018 was supposed to be my “year off” from running Spanky’s for 10 consecutive years.  But one
thing lead to another, and I was kinda forced to jump back in and run everything again (long story that I don’t wanna go into).  But doing a
smaller version of SWB was a compromise that worked for everyone.

2018 was a year of great loss for SWB, so I am putting a moratorium on dying this year… mkay?  I want to see all of your happy, smiling,
dusty faces on the playa this year dammit.  Take good care of yourselves (and each other) this year.

Now… onward to SWB 2019!!!
Admiral Painjoy

SWB 2019 will be similar to last year, but with a bit more.  We’re bringing back the camp namebadges (Red Queen has volunteered to
handle the logistics, computer creation, and physical creation of the badges… but we need the artwork).  So, if any of you are artistically
inclined, please email me your artwork for our namebadge background at

We are also bringing back most of the toys/structures this year.  We will have all our dancer stages, new seating, the Tunnel of Glove
(groping booth), new latex Vac-U-Bed, and all the kink toys!  All the camps from last year will be with us, plus the Playa Penthouse will be
back (possibly with flame effects… yay!).  We’ll have T-shirts again this year. And the nifty medallion/necklaces available too, yippee!  

We will probably have a new BASS this year, ideas/designs are being batted around right now.  And we will be buying a brand new sound
system (seeing as how will murdered all the speakers last year… oops).

And… I’ll be asking the Bman Placement Team to give us Esplanade this year!  I have a game-plan to make it work well.

The SWB website is (mostly) updated for 2019.  Everyone MUST sign-up, even if you signed up to camp with us last year.  This is an every-
year thing.
Sign up here:

Also, we are doing camp namebadges again this year.  So after signing up, email a pic for your namebadge to me at jimhillas_gc@yahoo.
com  It can be a pic of you (that’s what most of us do), or a pic of, well, anything really.  But send a pic right away please.

BURNING MAN TICKET SALE (The Directed Group Sale)
The DGS (Directed Group Sale) of Bman Tickets (aka Directed Tickets) will be happening soon.  I am compiling a list of Spankers who are
interested in being considered for these tickets.  

For those who don’t know, “Directed Tickets” are tickets to Burning Man that are allocated to theme camps (and villages), art cars, and art
projects… but not just any theme camps, etc.  They are only offered to those that have a great track-record at Bman (and a good moop
rating).  And these Directed Tix are reserved for key members of the camp/village.  Those people without whom, the camp wouldn’t be
able to be built/function.  As in past years, the Bman Org. has allocated a healthy amount of DGS tickets to Spanky’s… yay!

If you (and/or your partner, friend, wife, husband, mate, b/f, g/f, slave, master, mistress, etc.) want to be considered for Directed Tix to
Bman, let me know NOW!  Keep in mind the following;
1-        You must email me (if you haven’t already) to let me know that you want to be considered for a DGS ticket: jimhillas_gc@yahoo.
com   Please put “SWB DGS” in the subject line.
2-        You need to sign-up on the Spanky’s website to be considered for a Spanky’s DGS ticket   Yes, even if
you’ve camped with us before.  Everyone signs up to camp with SWB every year.
3-        You must have an up-to-date “burner profile” on the Bman website.  I won’t be able to enter you into the DGS sale if you don’t do
4-        You must also have an up-to-date account with “Ticketfly” (the Bman ticket vendor).
5-        All DGS ticket purchasers must also pay camp dues.  You don’t have to pay dues now… but if we don’t have enough DGS tix, I give
preference to those kick-ass Spankers who have already paid camp dues.
6-        Asking for a Directed Ticket doesn’t guarantee you will get one.  Directed Tickets are for members of Spanky’s who are committed
to working hard to make our village a success!  But if you DON’T ask me for one soon, you’ll surely miss the boat.
7-        If you aren’t going to camp at Spanky’s Village, you can’t buy a Spanky’s DGS ticket.
8-        You need to be able to pay for the Bman tickets (and car passes) at the time of the sale.
9-        Last year, tickets cost $425.00 (plus tax, fees, etc).  Car passes were $80.00 each.  I don’t know yet if the prices are going up this
year, but if they do, it shouldn’t be much more.  Make sure you have enough money available on your credit/debit card to make the
10-        DGS tickets are offered in pairs.  If you are not purchasing two (one for you, and one for your mate), you will be partnered-up with
another Spanker.  We do this so that we can maximize the number of Directed Tix we get each year.
11-        When Spankers are “paired-up”, one of the pair will purchase the 2 tickets and 1 car pass (the purchaser), and the other (the
partner) will pay the purchaser for their ticket
12-        The “purchaser” can only buy 2 tix and 1 car pass.  This often causes a problem- not enough car passes.  Don’t worry.  We always
get our hands on enough car passes for everyone come summertime.  Every purchaser must buy a car pass (if you don’t need it, another
Spanker will buy it from you).  We need all the car passes we can get our hands on.
13-        If you buy a Directed Ticket through SWB, then decide later that you can’t go to Bman… your ticket MUST be sold to another
Spanker.  Directed Tix HAVE TO BE USED BY THE CAMP TO WHICH THEY WERE ALLOCATED!  Selling your Directed Ticket to somebody
outside of Spanky’s runs the SERIOUS risk of having ALL of Spanky’s Directed tix VOIDED by Bman!  No Shit.  For Realz.  Not even kidding.
14-        Each year, we have some dedicated Spankers with critical skills who are “cash poor” at this time of year (seasonal income, tax
season, etc), but always have money in April/May/June.  With that in mind, we are looking for Spankers who can purchase a spare DGS
ticket and hang on to it, until those (presently) cash-poor Spankers can buy the ticket from you.  Please email me if you’re in a position to
do this for us.
15-        If you’re selected for the Spanky’s DGS… I will be submitting your name to “Bman Ticketing” in early Feb.  Then Bman Tickketing
will contact you by email, a few days later, with the final info about the DGS.  Be sure to check the email inbox from the email address that
you used in your Bman “Burner Profile”!

Since there’s a lot of construction work to be done, there will be 3 pre-bman “work/party weekends” and 1 post-Bman work/party weekend.  
All will be at the Kinky Mountain Farm (Liam & Donna’s)   More info on the SWB website:

Dates below are tentative, but mark your calendars nonetheless;

Weekend #1 - June 28-30 (Fri-Sun)… followed by 4th of Juplaya a few days later
(The 4th of July is on a Thursday this year, so that will make for a very popular Juplaya!)
Weekend #2 - July 26-28 (Fri-Sun)
Weekend #3 – Aug 16-19 (Fri-Mon)…just prior to going to the playa for Early Build

Post Bman Work/Party – Sept 4-8 (Wed-Sun)

Camp dues are going up this year.  After three consecutive years of not making our budget, combined with the fact that we have to rebuild
lots of stuff, buy a new sound system/speakers, buy/build a new shade structure, rent two big moving trucks (instead of one, like last year),
build new showers, buy more PBR, etc… camp dues have to increase.  We’ve put it off for too long.

Camp dues are currently $250.00 and can be paid via PayPal on our website, or by check.  The price of camp dues increases in upcoming
months, so pay now if you want to save money.

More info on camp dues and budget can be found on the SWB website:

Plus, your odds of getting a DGS ticket to Bman increase dramatically if you pay your camp dues now.

If camp dues are TRULY a problem for you, and you are a dedicated Spanker, willing to take on a lot of extra work, we do have a program
to help out.  More info on the SWB Hardship Fund is also on the website.

LOVE BURN – MIAMI – JAN 24-27 (Thur-Sun)
Love Burn is the Miami Bman Regional event, created and hosted by your fellow Spankers, Quantum Glen & Prosperity Angel.  A
“Regional” is kinda like a mini-Bman set somewhere else in the world.  If you’re interested in going, let me know.

In my humble opinion, it’s the best “regional” out there!  The event is held on an island right between Key Biscayne and downtown Miami.  
If you’re on the island, facing the water, you feel like you’re in the Florida Keys… if you face the other way, boom, downtown Miami.  But it’s
also completely secluded.  We have a whole private section of the island to ourselves.  There are lots of theme camps, art, fun toys,
events, toilets/showers, beach, bars, art cars, and kick-ass music.  Check out the site map here:

Tickets are on sale now.  Airfares are pretty cheap right now.  The event is an inexpensive Uber/Lyft from the airport.  More info on the Love
Burn website:

There will be quite a few Spankers there, and we will have The Buffer Zone at the event.  We’ll need some volunteers to run the Buffer
Zone, keep it clean/organized, and help disassemble it on Sunday.  Please let me know if you wanna camp with us Spankers at the Buffer

RV Services (Pump-outs, Potable water refills, RV Power), Camp Power, WAPs, Camp Events, Workshifts, Work/Party Weekends, 4th of
Juplaya, DJing, etc.

Admiral Painjoy – HMFIC – Head Mutha Fukka In Charge
Major D (Doug) – The Camp for Sensual Pleasures Leader & Mover of Flowing Electrons & Cartographer & Civic Planner & Vibes
Red Queen (Amanda) – Ticket Maven and Mistress of NameBadges
eLeM (Lisa Marie) – Executive Director of All The Things
Dano – Lead builder and guy with a hammer
Eve – Mistress of Morsels (kitchen services)
Winter – Ice Queen
Sky – Civic Planner and Administer of pneumatic red cheeks
Lazer – Cool Lights, sharks with lasers attached to their heads, Electro Swing, Eros Tangier
Christopher Robbin – LNT Coordinator
Tripp & Gwyn & JoJo- Bar Managers
Lazy Bar Slut (Olivia) & Danielle  – Lead Mistresses (MOD Squad)
Dirty Dan – DJ Coordinator… freak… event planner
Magic Man – Camp Dentist (retired), Yogi, and Hauler of Big-Ass-Heavy-Gennies
DocMoc (Mark) – Healthcare Specialist – Camp MD and bad influence
Blackbird & Amethyst – RV Services Managers (they bathe often)
Quantum Glen – BufferZone Manager & Director of Blinky Things
Dr. Steve & Dr. Dave – Playa Penthouse Guys   &

Art Cars:
Boss Hog (the giant warthog) – Major-D
Illuminaughti (disco dancefloor w/ stripper pole) – John M. (Sky)
The Magic Carpet – Twisted
The Paddler
The Monthly Newsletter for
Spanky’s Wine Bar
February 2019 – Ticket Edition

Special issue…
…which should be read while listening to this remix of The Pixies “Where is My Mind”:

ticket, will get one… eventually.  Don’t panic!

Your procrastination (and failure to read instructions)… hurts my wallet!
There are a few of you that do it right (Thank you soooo much!), but most Spankers procrastinate (or don’t follow instructions).  Here’s
how that affects me;

As most of you know, running Spanky’s takes-up over a thousand hours of my time each year.  In a perfect world, I could do all of the early-
in-the-year administrative work (Jan-May) in the evenings, after work and during the weekends.  But when Spankers wait to do things until
the last minute (sign-up, pay dues, email namebadge pics, etc), then my paperwork amasses right before a deadline (like the DGS ticket
sale).  When that happens, suddenly I have a metric-shit-ton of emailing, texting, phone calls, data entry, etc. that has to be done in a very
short amount of time.   That means I have to take days off from work to get it done!  Financial ouch!  Please don’t put things off til the last

My battery is running low and it is getting dark.

If you have been selected for the DGS, you will be getting an email from me later this week, with “Congratulations – DGS” in the subject
line.  The email will contain info and instructions for the ticket sale next week.  Be sure to read the whole email, and follow all instructions!

If you don’t get an email from me later this week, with “Congratulations – DGS” in the subject line, that means you didn’t get selected for
DGS.  But don’t fret.  You will get a Bman ticket.  You merely need to have some patience, and follow my instructions carefully over the next
few months.

Due to a silly formula that the Bman Placement Team uses, Spanky’s got a significant reduction in DGS ticket invites this year (50 less
than last year).  So I had to make some tough choices.  But your Admiral is on the case.  I have been in touch with the Placement Team
and I have been given some assurance that there will be a second DGS in late May.  I will prevail upon the Placement Team to help us
out during this sale.  

Some reasons you might not have been selected for the DGS;
1-        You didn’t sign-up
2-        You haven’t paid camp dues yet
3-        You have a person(s) coming with you (friend/family) that hasn’t signed up yet
4-        You’re a newbie and haven’t responded to my “vetting letter” yet
5-        Your past “track record” with helping out the camp isn’t stellar
6-        You’re weird… or not weird enough
7-        There just weren’t enough tix (most likely reason)

As I stated, everyone will eventually get a ticket.  Don’t Panic!  This happens every year.  In the meantime…make sure you’ve done all the
things necessary to join Spanky’s!  (see last month’s Paddler for more details - - scroll down)  This
includes emailing pics for your camp namebadges.

Also… There are other Bman ticket sales coming up:

HERE IS THE BURNING MAN TICKET SCHEDULE (and pricing – all vehicle passes are $100.00)
Wed, Feb 13th – Low Income Ticket Applications open - $210.00 tix
                            (number of LITs has increased 18% this year)
Wed, Feb 27th – Directed Group Sale starts - $425.00 tix (for those invited)
Wed, Mar 13th – 15th  – FOMO Sale registration (formerly known as Pre-Sale) - $1400.00 tix
Wed, Mar 20th – FOMO Sale starts
Wed, Apr 3rd – 5th – Main Sale registration - $425.00 tix
Wed, Apr 10th – Main Sale starts at exactly noon Pacific-time
TBA – STEP opens (Secure Ticket Exchange Program)
June – Ticket fulfillment begins (Bman starts mailing tix to buyers)
TBA – STEP closes
Wed, Jul 24th – 26th – OMG Sale registration - $550.00 tix
Wed, Jul 31st – OMG Sale starts at exactly noon Pacific-time

WARNING – Don’t try to buy tix on StubHub, Craigslist, or other sites like that.  It’s a scam… always.

Admiral Painjoy – HMFIC – Head Mutha Fukka In Charge
Major D (Doug) – The Camp for Sensual Pleasures Leader & Mover of Flowing Electrons & Cartographer & Civic Planner & Vibes
Red Queen (Amanda) – Ticket Maven and Mistress of NameBadges
eLeM (Lisa Marie) – Executive Director of All The Things
Dano – Lead builder and guy with a hammer
Eve – Mistress of Morsels (kitchen services)
Sky – Civic Planner and Administer of pneumatic red cheeks
Lazer – Cool Lights, sharks with lasers attached to their heads, Electro Swing, Eros Tangier
Christopher Robbin – LNT Coordinator
Tripp & Gwyn & JoJo- Bar Managers
Lazy Bar Slut (Olivia) & Hudsy & Danielle  – Lead Mistresses (MOD Squad)
Dirty Dan – DJ Coordinator… freak… event planner
Magic Man – Camp Dentist (retired), Yogi, and Hauler of Big-Ass-Heavy-Gennies
DocMoc (Mark) – Healthcare Specialist – Camp MD and bad influence
Blackbird & Amethyst – RV Services Managers (they bathe often)
Quantum Glen – BufferZone Manager & Director of Blinky Things
Dr. Steve & Dr. Dave – Playa Penthouse Guys and Stripper Pole   &

Art Cars:
Boss Hog (the giant warthog) – Major-D
Illuminaughti (disco dancefloor w/ stripper pole) – John M. (Sky)
The Magic Carpet – Twisted