Spanky's Wine Bar   -   Quick Reference Page

Overview:  Camp at Burningman 2020 (Aug 30 - Sept 7)  

Camp Size:  Approximately 220 campers

Dues:   Presently dues are $300.00 per village member (dues increase each month... pay now, save $$$)

Village Leader:  Admiral Painjoy (Jim Hillas)   jimhillas_gc (at) yahoo (dot) com   Phone: 916.337.5353

Theme:  A humorous approach to Wine, Bondage and Fetish... plus fun events and toys!

Camp Features:  Large Shade Structure, Large Bar with Sound System, BDSM Equipment, Stages, Toys,
Events, and the finest group of sexy freaks ever assembled under the desert sun!  Plus various other sub-camps
within Spanky's Village.

Camp Shower?   Yes (bring your own water - 2 to 5 gallons per shower)

Meals Provided?   No

Camp Kitchen?   Not really. You should bring you own food, water and cooking equipment - or arrange to share
with a friend.  We do have some Spankers who are willing to share their kitchen space/equipment though.  If they let
you use their stuff, make DAMN SURE you clean up everything and put it all back where you found it when you're

Power Grid?   Yes.  But power is limited (especially for RVs - see Infrastructure Page)

Work Weekends:   Yes:... Dates TBD
                   Location: The Skunkworks (aka The Kinky Mountain Farm - Liam & Donna's Place)
                   5111 Marshall Rd.  Garden Valley, CA 95633

Camp Work:  Yes...everyone will be expected to pitch in!  Everyone is required to dedicate at least 12 hours to the
camp during the week... not including set-up, break-down, and mooping.

Village Location?   TBD
Spanky's Wine Bar
"This will all end in tears"