Spanky's Wine Bar   -   Quick Reference Page

Overview:  Camp at Burningman 2017 (Aug 27 - Sept 4)  

Camp Size:  Approximately 300 campers

Dues:   Presently dues are $325.00 per village member (increasing to $350.00 if paid on the playa)

Village Leaders:  Admiral Painjoy (Jim Hillas)   jimhillas_gc (at) yahoo (dot) com   Phone: 916.337.5353
Major-D (Doug)  doug (at) fed-specs (dot) com   
eLeM (Lisa Marie)  lunar.lemon (at) gmail (dot) com

Theme:  A humorous approach to Wine, Bondage and Fetish... plus fun events and toys!

Camp Features:  Large Shade Structure, Large Bar with Sound System, BDSM Equipment, Stages, Events,
Laser Dome and Cool Peeps!  Plus various other sub-camps within Spanky's Village

Camp Shower?   Yes (bring your own water - 2 to 5 gallons per shower)

Meals Provided?   No (but there will be appetizers from time to time)

Camp Kitchen?   No (bring you own food, water and cooking equipment - or arrange to share with a friend)

Power Grid?   Yes.  We rent big generators and a we have a power grid that distributes electricity throughout
the village.  But power is limited (especially for RVs - see Infrastructure Page)

Work Weekends:   Yes:  June 17-18...   July 15-16...    Aug 5-6...    Aug 17-21...   Sept 8-10
See the "Skunkworks" page for more details and locations

Camp Workshifts:  Yes...everyone will be expected to pitch in!  Everyone is required to dedicate at least 12
hours to the camp during the week... not including set-up, break-down, and mooping.  More info on the
"Workshifts" page.  (Sign up for workshifts

Village Location?   2:30 & E/F/G Streets
Spanky's Wine Bar - 10 Year Anniversary  
                     "This will all end in tears"