Spanky's Wine Bar
                           “The first step to recovery... is acquiring a problem"
Our 2019 Spanky's
Medallions (necklaces) are
now available for purchase!
Or, you can mail a checks (payable to Jim Hillas) to:
26 Richardson Ct.  Apt. 7  Framingham, MA 01702
Our medallions (necklaces) are sterling sliver this year…
that right… fuckin silver, muthafukkaaaaaaaa!

The medallions, this year, are the traditional design, but they are plated with real sterling sliver
(with a protective “over-coating” for long life).

I’ll bet you’re wondering how much MORE it’s gonna cost ya for one of these silver necklaces,
huh?  That’s the best part… only $5 more than the traditional ones.  Sterling silver medallions
for $25.00!… you’re welcome.

We have a limited supply, so don’t miss the boat.  They’re gonna sell-out fast.  Go to the SWB
website and buy yours now!

I can’t tell you how many times Spankers (on the playa) ask me if there are any necklaces left to
purchase.  And I have to tell them that they are all gone.  And then they cry… like little babies,
they cry.  And I have to hug them, and stroke their hair, and tell them that they are pretty… I don’
t have time for this.  Don’t let this happen to you.  They cost $25.00 each.  They are beautiful.  
They cure most diseases.  They make your political candidates win elections.  They can be
used to locate true north, or water, or lawyers, or fashionable parties.  And they are guaranteed
to get you laid (just ask anyone who has one
).  Quite an amazing deal, huh!?  

Simply click the "Buy Now" button, enter the number of medallions you want to purchase, and
voila!  You're medallions will be in your welcome pack when you arrive on the playa!