*Painful Rectal Bruising*
*Fur on the Tongue*
*Playa A.D.D,*
*Genital Swelling*
*Prolonged Orgasms*
*Blurred Vision*
*Shiny Black Pleathery Skin*
*A Desire to Never Go Home*
*Bar Stool Rash*
*Carpet Tunnel Syndrome*
(ok, I made that one up)
*And, of course, you may just turn
into a five foot tall Playa Chicken*

By filling out the form below, you are requesting membership in
information on this website before you join the camp.  Being a
member is not just fun... there are responsibilities and guidelines.  

Click on the buttons (left side of this page) to surf the site and
learn about Spanky's.  Even if you camped with us in the past,
there are new things going on in 2017.  

By submitting the form below, you are stating that you have read
the info on the website and agree to the terms.

Also, just filling out the form doesn't guarantee membership.  If
Admiral Painjoy doesn't know who you are (or if nobody from
SWB is "vouching" for you) he may contact you for a "vetting
process".  He does this to assure that Spanky's remains a safe,
comfortable and uber-happy camp.

The personal information you submit in the form is used for camp
planning purposes only.  Admiral Painjoy will not share your
personal information with anyone outside of SWB management.  
All of your information is confidential.
     Spanky's Wine Bar - 10 Year Anniversary
“Wine doesn't make you fat, it makes you lean... makes you lean on tables, lean on walls, lean on people"
Please fill out all fields as completely as possible
Your real name:
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bman?  Then you don't have one yet)
Your Email Address:
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City and State)
Your cell phone number:
Are you part of a theme-camp within
Spanky's Village?  Which one?
Name, phone number and relation of
a person to contact in case of an
emergency (off playa):
Are you camping in a tent or an RV?:
(if in an RV...  Who's the "lead
person" in that RV?)
What would you like under your
name on your personal SWB name
badge?  It could be a funny quote, or
a ficticious rank, the name of your
camp, or... well whatever you want,
as long as it's less than 40
characters long
What appetizer are you planning on
serving on the playa and when do
you plan on serving it?:  (example:
shrimp cocktail - monday night)
Ideas: http://tinyurl.com/alcfgcl
Do you have any allergies or
medical conditions or medications
you need to take?  (Jim will only
release this info to medical
personnel in the case of an
Can you attend the work/party
weekend in Sacramento - August
18th-21st?  and/or the Clean-Up
weekend after Bman Sept 8th-10th?
Your occupation in the default
Are you interested in being
considered for "early arrival" on the
playa.  This is only for people who
are COMMITTED to helping build
Spanky's at Bman.  Early arrivals
begin on Tuuesday before Bman
opens (8/22/17).  If you're
interested, on what day would you
arrive on playa?
List any of the following skills that
you ARE very good at, in the box on
the right (explain as needed):

carpentry, plumbing, electrical,
painting, welding, engineering,  
mechanical, auto-cad, web-design,
sound & lighting tech, dj-ing, fire
performance, fetish performance,
erotic dancing, bartending, bouncer,
dominatrix/master, rope
bondage/rigging, massage,
leadership/managment, medical,
psychology/therapy, teaching,
singing, musical instrument
performance, brc ranger, law, very
athletic, cooking, driving with
trailers, RV maintenance, personal
assistant, office work (computer),
other (explain)
Do you have any "newbie" friends
that may want to join us in SWB at
Bman this year?
Are you bringing a vehicle that can
tow a trailer, or a big generator?  
Are you able to pick up 30-60 cases
of beer/wine and bring to the playa?  
Are you able to pick-up a person
from the Reno airport and bring
them to the playa (and back after
bman)?  If yes, explain which and
Do you still need to purchase a
ticket to Burning Man?
Questions, comments, or feedback:
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button, you agree to be a
productive, helpful, and drama-free
member of Spanky's Village, and
follow our common-sense guidelines.
)'(    )'(    )'(    )'(    )'(    )'(    )'(    )'(