*Painful Rectal Bruising*
*Fur on the Tongue*
*Playa A.D.D,*
*Genital Swelling*
*Prolonged Orgasms*
*Blurred Vision*
*Shiny Black Pleathery Skin*
*A Desire to Never Go Home*
*Bar Stool Rash*
*Carpet Tunnel Syndrome*
(ok, I made that one up)
*And, of course, you may just turn
into a five foot tall Playa Chicken*

Spanky's Wine Bar (and Village), in our humble opinion, is the most fun place on the
planet.  Seriously, it is a wonderful place... but it isn't for everyone.  Please MAKE
SURE you read over ALL the info on this website before signing-up.  We want to be
sure that you know what you're gettin' yer sexy-ass into ;)

Also, there are requirements and rules that must be followed.  By signing-up to join
Spanky's you are agreeing to follow the rules, fulfill your requirements, and be a
productive (and drama-free) asset to the camp.

And Spanky's Wine Bar champions the 11th Principle of Burning Man...
By signing-up to camp with us, you will (not only) abide by the rules of consent... but
you also promise to help us educate and enforce these rules with our
bar-guests, kink-
customers, and the Bman population at-large.  Consent and communication are the
key to it all.  Spanky's Wine Bar is one of the safe-spaces on the playa.  A place where
people can "get their freak on" without worry of harassment, judgement, being
, etc.  More info here:  11 Principles

By signing-up, you promise have/will...
* Read the info on this website
* Pay your camp dues (non-refundable)
* Sign-up for SWB workshifts
* Do your workshifts - and do them well/sober
* Be part of the fun... not a source of drama
* Take care of yourself on the playa
* Be as self-reliant as you can
* Keep your personal space in camp; clean, organized, MOOP-free,
and always prepared for wind/rain
* Keep the camp MOOP-free
* Don't party too hard, especially when you have workshifts the next day
* Keep and open mind and and open heart
*Stay until the end (Monday at noon) to help break-down, load-up, and MOOP
* Make and serve my appetizer without giving anyone food poisoning

Now raise your right hand and say, "To all these things, I do solemnly swear, on the
soul of Larry Harvey... Amen"

You may now sign-up to join Spanky's
Spanky's Wine Bar
“Wine doesn't make you fat, it makes you lean... makes you lean on
tables, lean on walls, lean on people"
Please fill out all fields as completely as possible
Your real Last name:
Your real First name:
Your Playa Name: (1st time to
bman?  Then you don't have one yet)
Your Email Address:
Your street address:
City and State:
Zip code (postal code):
Your cell phone number:
Name, phone number and relation of
a person to contact in case of an
emergency (contact must be off-
Are you camping in a tent or an RV?:
(if in an RV...  Who's the "lead
person" in that RV?)
Do you have any allergies or
medical conditions or medications
you need to take?  (Admiral Painjoy
will only release this info to medical
personnel in the case of an
Your occupation in the "default
List any of the following skills that
you ARE very good at, in the box on
the right (explain as needed):

carpentry, plumbing, electrical, painting,
welding, engineering,  mechanical,
auto-cad, web-design, sound & lighting
tech, dj-ing, fire performance, fetish
performance, erotic dancing, bartending,
bouncer, dominatrix/master, rope
bondage/rigging, massage,
leadership/managment, medical,
psychology/therapy, teaching, singing,
musical instrument performance, brc
ranger, law, very athletic, cooking, driving
with trailers, RV maintenance, personal
assistant, office work (computer), other
Questions, comments, or feedback:
By clicking the "Submit Sign-up Info" button,
you agree to be a productive, helpful, and
drama-free member of Spanky's Village, and
follow our common-sense guidelines.  You
also understand that camp dues are
non-refundable.  And you understand that if
you are allocated a "DGS Bman ticket" (see
newsletter), that you will sell the
ticket back to a Spanker if, for some reason,
you are unable to attend Bman (or decide to
camp elsewhere).  DGS tix are for Spankers