Spanky's Wine Bar
"Your heart may belong to The Man... But your ASS belongs to Spanky's"
The Skunkworks is the name of the top-secret division of Lockheed
Martin responsible for stealth projects... it's also the name of the
work-ranch where Spanky's creates and maintains it's wonderful toys
and attractions.

This year, we will have a couple work/party weekends at Liam & Donna's
farm - aka "The Kinky Mountain Farm" in Garden Valley (about 40
minutes east of Sacramento).
5111 Marshall Road, Garden Valley CA 95633

Scheduled work/parties are:
June 28-30
July 26-28

August 1

If you live in the Western USA, PLEASE attend one (or all) of these work
Many hands make light work, and there's something for everyone to do.

There is ample room for RV and tent camping.  We will have a
port-o-pottie on site.  You should bring work gloves, sunscreen, snacks,
water and sleeping gear.  Also, bring a little money for
snacks.  We will
have food, beer and wine for ya!

At night, after the work is done, we usually have a bonfire, music and
shennanigans.  If you have a dog, the Skunkworks is okay for dogs, but
you may want to bring a leash/runner, as we are right next to a busy
Plus, The KMF is an actual farm, with animals!

Nudity is not only allowed... it's encouraged!

More info will be coming in the upcoming SWB newsletters.
Work/Party Weekends at
The Skunkworks...