The Toys and Attractions
Spanky's will be home to several fun toys and attractions... Most of which have earned a
degree of fame (or infamy)  already at Burningman.

In 2019 we will have some of our toys and attractions:

The BASS and Wine Bar
Dancer Stages
The Bondage Wall and other Bondage Toys
The Latex Vac-U-Bed
The Vibrator Races
The Prison Shower (and hairwash station)
Eros Tangere
Teeter Totter of Death
The Tunnel of Glove (groping booth)
The new-and-improved Spank-O-Matic
The Buffer Zone
The Orgasmator
The Flaming Enema
The Flaming Jump Rope
The Playa Penthouse
Art Cars

Spanky's Wine Bar  
“We won't do anything to you today... that you won't beg for again tomorrow"
The Infamous Spank-O-Matic!  A
pneumatic spanking machine.  It's
safe... no, really.  Click
HERE to see
it in action.
The "Chairway to Heaven"
Tower.  At nearly 40' tall,
you get the best when you
ride it to the top.  
(Deviant Dare Dice) lost...
or won, depending on how
you look at it!
Boss Hog... one of the
SWB art cars.  This one
belongs to Major-D.  
resides in Reno at the
Harrah's Auto Museum.
Major-D emerging from the
Orgasmatron tent.  In
2013, SWB will have the
new-and-improved for half
the price!
demonstrating her rigging
techniques.  Her interests
are: romantic walks on the
beach, candle-lit dinners,
and kickin yer ass!
The Chairway to
More Chairway to
The Teeter-Totter of Death... yes,
it spins!
The Groping Booth.

(SWB veterans should
love the irony of this
picture!  Get it yet?  
Keep thinking)
The Latex Vac-U-Bed

Click HERE for a video demo of
the Latex Vac-U-Bed.
Here's a picture of our bar... can in
the way.... sorry.
The Flaming